In addition to their quality performance the Tea Rose Duo relax their audience with their personality and panache. They make the music accessible with informative and humorous anecdotes between and after (and sometimes during!) the pieces. Whether they’re talking about the music, filling you in on their family history, or arguing on stage(!), the Tea Rose Duo are always entertaining.

Just a few of their ahievements over recent years include :

  • 1996  : Edinburgh Fringe Festival (18 concerts including 4 live performances on BBC Radio) 
  • 1996  : Won two SAMI Awards – Best SA Group/Artist and Best New Release
  • 1997  : Support artists for Stephane Grappelli and Dudley Moore at the Adelaide Festival Centre 
  • 1997  : Flown to Bali by Mercantile Mutual to perform at VIP function
  • 1998  : Sellout season at the School of Arts Showbiz Cafe in Queanbeyan.
  • 1998  : Sellout of their Chesser Cellars Dinner Concert series in Adelaide
  • 1999  : 3 SAMI Awards – Best SA Band, Best SA Release, Best SA Cover Band
  • 1999  : Guest artists at State Dinner hosted by the Premier Mr John Olsen Friday April 9
  • 2000  : Featured performers on the Seabourne Sun on a cruise from Sydney to Hawaii
  • 2002  : Sell out shows at Norwood and Marion regularly throughout the year

A delightful husband and wife team who’ve had continuing sellout success in and around Adelaide, appeared in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, and represented their State as the only South Australians invited to the 1996 Edinburgh Festival’s Fringe. They’ve toured for the Arts Council, visited Penang for the City Council, been regulars at both the Festival Centre and Elder Hall … and appeared as the support act for international actor-comic-musician, Dudley Moore, during his one-man show. The Duo were featured artists at the Festival Theatre concert for virtuoso of the jazz violin, Stephane Grappelli.

Now they’re available to bring their special touch to your major events or concerts. If you don’t have immediate access to a Grand Piano, don’t worry – Bernard can bring his own!! 

Honours graduates from Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium, Bernard and Sarah met while still at University and married soon after graduating. 

Winner of the inaugural Accompanists’ Guild Prize, Bernard was on staff as an accompanist at the Elder Conservatorium and worked for the State Opera Company, while Sarah performed with the Adelaide Chamber Orchestra, the State Opera Orchestra and other professional ensembles. 

The pair present a unique blend of classical training combined with popular entertainment… their range includes anything from Bach to Pink Floyd… Eine Kleine Nachtmusik to Stairway to Heaven. Mozart, Schubert, Scott Joplin, Fritz Kresiler Gershwin… it’s far easier to name someone they don’t play than someone they do!